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Tiny Modernist

Sleepy Hollow Complete Series - Tiny Modernist - Cross Stitch Pattern

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This design features cute & spooky vampires, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, cats, and a fun Halloween rhyme on every section.

This design can be stitched together as one large Spooky Sampler, but if you prefer to try a different finish, each section of this design can also be stitched and finished into a Stackable Drum. There are 4 bonus circle designs (to use as the top of the drums) included with each of the 4 section releases, along with finishing instructions to make up the drums. 

You may also choose to use some specialty floss instead:

1. 0580 Orange Marmalade GAST (Gentle Arts Sampler Thread) instead of DMC721
2. 0980 Lagoon GAST instead of DMC3808 
3. 0810 Purple Iris GAST instead of DMC550
4. Kreinik #8 Metallic Braid in “032” for some added sparkle on stars

Finished Pattern Specs: 

Each Section:
Stitch Count: 54h x 223w 
Design Size: 4"h x 16"w (14-count), or 3.5"h x 14"w (16-count)
Stitches used: Cross Stitch, Back Stitch 

Full Design:
Stitch Count: 219h x 223w
Design Size: 15.6"h x 16"w (14-count), or 13.6"h x 14"w (16-count)
Stitches used: Cross Stitch, Back Stitch 

Bonus Circle Designs (for the top of the drums, or finish in a hoop):
Stitch Count: 53h x 53w 
Design Size: 3.8"h x 3.8"w (14-count), or 3.3"h x 3.3"w (16-count)
Stitches used: Cross Stitch, Back Stitch 

Please make sure to cut your fabric at least 3" larger than the design on each side, 6" in total to each side (so for the full design, use a fabric piece that is at least 22" x 22" for 14-ct or 20 x 20" for 16-ct).