When will my items ship?

With only a few exceptions, all of my products are in stock unless the listings specifically states pre-order or special order.   Most items will list the qty I have on hand.  (It's a new feature I am adding so please be patient)  The only thing that is made to order are my vinyl decals.   In order to uphold their integrity I cut them to order.  I try to ship ASAP and your order will ship within a day or two.   

How do special orders work?

By placing a special order, it will ensure that item is restocked sooner than it may have.  Most of the time something is just out of stock.  I place orders with my distributors or designers at least once a week, more if needed.  I will add your special order to my order and if they have it in stock I should have it with in 3-4 days.  If they do not I will communicate with you to let you know it may be a longer wait.  Some of the fabric and thread dyers tend to take longer.  Never hesitate to email me at Reese@craftygrimalkin.com with any questions.  

Where are you located?

I am located in Maine in the Bangor area.   

How do you ship?

I ship most of my packages through USPS.   I will ship UPS if it is the less expensive option.  

Do you do custom orders?

Yes!  Please contact me at reese@craftygrimalkin.com if you need a special order.   I have accounts at most of the major distributors and I can order larger cuts of fabric or higher qty's of all my items if you need.   

Do you have a location?

Currently, I am online order.   Maybe someday I will be able to open a real shop.  That's the dream.  

I am not happy with my order.  What do I do?

I hope that is not the case but please contact me with any issues.  I want you to be a happy customer.  

Do you accept returns?

I can't accept returns on patterns but I am willing to take returns on most other items.  Please contact me at reese@craftygrimalkin.com with any questions.  

Can I cancel my order?

If it has not shipped and does not have custom items I can definitely cancel your order.   I try to ship as soon as possible so please contact me as soon as possible.  

Will you combine my orders if I place more than one? 

I will try to combine your orders if I notice.   Please put a note in your order if you have another order that hasn't shipped yet and I will make every effort to combine and refund any shipping overages.