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Dirty Annie's

Proverbs 31:22 - Dirty Annie's - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Proverbs 31:22- She Maketh herself coverings of Tapestry. Her Clothing is silk and purple


Model was stitched on 32ct "Scroll" linen from Be Stitch Me using threads from Classic Colorworks and Weeks dye Works 

Purple was the most expensive of all fabrics and is mentioned only here in Proverbs. Famously known as “Tyrian purple” it was a major industry of the coastal Phoenician city of Tyre.

Because of the effort and expense it took to dye anything with this animal-based color (from the murex sea snail), purple came to be considered the color of wealth and royalty. This smart, capable, industrious and spiritual “wife of noble character” (:10) does okay.

She makes caring for others a priority and she has some nice things, too. That’s not surprising.

When God identifies people like her, He continues providing them with good stuff — because He knows they’ll pass it along to bless others, also!