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Fiber on a Whim

36 Count Linen - Affogato - Fiber on a Whim

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Special Note for Pre-Orders and Special Orders (when quantity available is listed as 0)

If your item shows zero quantity in stock the following applies.

Terms & Conditions for Preorders and Special Order items-

  • Patterns generally arrive within a month of their release (Market and Expo times can cause variation). New releases can be about a month while existing releases may only take a few days as they are simply being restocked.
  • Threads generally arrive within a few days to a month.
  • Should you want to cancel your Preorder items or Special Order items, you will only be refunded in store credit. 
  • If I cannot fulfill your order due to supply issues or discontinuance, I will refund your original payment method and/or contact you for alternatives.

Preorder & Special order items are NOT IN STOCK and will ship within 2 business days of arrival. If you order these items and other in stock items, your entire order will ship when your FULL ORDER is in stock. Please contact me if you need items from your order sooner, we can work on it together. 

Sizes are before dying. Hand-dyed fabrics have a tendency to shrink a little in the dying process so sized are approximate.   Also please keep in mind that all pieces dye differently and one type of fabric will appear slightly different than another type.  No two pieces are going to be exactly alike. 

Please Order accordingly

Qty of 1 = Fat Quarter - 17 x 27 (18x21.5 Aida, 18x29.5 14 ct)

Qty of 2 = Fat Half - 26 x36 (21.5x36 Aida, 29.5x36 14 ct)

Qty of 4 = Full Yard - 36x55 (36x43 Aida, 36x59 14 ct)