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Kathy Barrick

Brown Fish Owl - Kathy Barrick - Cross Stitch pattern

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This is my very favorite of my new designs!  The owl is based on a 1700's illustration of the Brown Fish Owl, most often found in Asia.   They live in marshlands and feed off of small fish.  More than you ever wanted to know?!  Anyway, my owl is stitch on 40-Count Parchment from Weeks Dye Works using Needlepoint Silks in the following colors:
187, 348, 513, 515, 566, 765, 772, 874, 902, 954, 961, 964, 965, 972, 973, 988, 993
As always, a conversion to DMC is provided.
The stitch count is 147 Wide by 223 High.