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Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery

Bluebirds and Bluebells Sampler - Pansy Patch Quilts and Stitchery

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The sampler is almost stitched except for a few flowers on the border.  This will be stitched and framed by Needlework Expo. Such a special design as my mom stitched the pinkeep and my friend and model stitcher, Geri stitched and finished the scissor fob and case.

Sampler Design size - 251 x 332
Stitched on 36 count Marbled Pointer by xJuDesign

Pinkeep/Drum Design size - 169 x 60
Scissor Fob Design size - 34 x 34 
Scissor Case Design size - 128 x 128
Accessories stitched on 36 count Dirty Brown by xJuDesign


WDW - Shepard's Blue (2 skeins), Oscar (2 skeins), Stepping Stone (2 skeins), Sanguine, Flatflish, Terragon, Chickpea, Pebble and Straw.
Gentle Art - Mountain Mist, Walnut, Otter Creek, Dried Thyme and Raspberry Frost.
Classic Colorworks - Chocolate Cream Pie, 12 Grain, Argyle Socks, Black Coffee, Used Brick, Red Currant, Tennessee Red Clay and Blackbird.

A DMC Conversion is provided.

if stitching accessories, one more skein of WDW Shepard's Blue will be required for the scissor case and fob trim.

Pinkeep is trimmed in Lady Dot Creates Chenille in Thundercloud.