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My name is Theresa Johnston.   My nickname is Reese.   I am mom to 2 almost grown children.  My son is 20 and off adventuring with the Air Force.   Right now he is stationed in Guam.   My daughter is almost 18 and a senior in high school.  She has already been accepted to many colleges and is so excited.  I am very proud of both of them.   I am also married to an almost RN.   He graduates in May.   We can not wait!!!  We have a houseful of animals as well.   We have a dog named Nebula, 4 cats named Frodo, Arya, Freya and Loki.  My daughter also has 2 ferrets named Sketti and Noodle.   They always keep us busy.   

Before owning my shop I worked several different jobs.  I worked for almost 11 years in a retail sports business as their accountant.   They were mostly an online business so I know the online side of business very well.   I did a little of everything there from ordering occasionally, receiving, shipping, customer service and of course the accounting.   After than I was the accounting manager at a telecommunications company for a few years.    A position opened up at the healthcare facility where my husband  worked so I decided to take as accounting was getting a little boring for me.    I love my new job.  I am a revenue coordinator for an inpatient pharmacy.    

While I do like what I do it is not what I am passionate about.   It pays the major bills and gives me good benefits.   Crafting is my life and part of who I am.   I started out quilting most of my adult life.   I then tried knitting and crochet.   But for 5 years needlework has been my life.    I still do all the crafts but my hands always reach for my cross stitch first.   

I started selling project bags on Etsy in 2018 and then in the fall of 2021 I added floss tags, decals and stickers.   I opened up a sticker shop to sell the planner stickers I was making for myself.  While that fulfills a little bit of my creative side my heart wanted to go back to working on my cross stitch shop.  Bag sales have been slow so I started to research selling wholesale and I am so glad I did.   I applied for a resale certificate and tax number and I was so happy when it got approved.   Now I can purchase all the things I love and share them with you.   


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Pleased to meet you! I am a retired nurse turned photographer. I’ve been doing photography all my life as a hobby and decided to make it my business. I own 2 cats and a husband. (Notice how I put the 2 cats first.) LOL. So happy I found this shop and the owner Reese is so nice. Keep calm and stitch on! Julie


Best of luck with your new shop!
I’m in Orland so looking forward to meeting in person.

Adina Salmansohn

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